Competitive Program

All programs listed below require an assessment in order to be accepted into the program. 

Beginner: 5 to 7 years - 6 hours per week

Training at this level continues to focus on basic preparation. There is particular emphasis on flexibility, conditioning, extensive tumbling practice, dance preparation, bar work, beam and trampoline. Beginner Competitive do not compete.

Interclub Levels 2-5: 7 years and up - 8-12 hours per week

Athletes develop skills and routines on four events of artistic gymnastics (vault, bars, beam & floor) in preparation for Invitational meets. Inter-Club athletes will enter three meets between January and June. Athletes find the Interclub program to be a good, rewarding experience. 

Pre-Provincial / Pre-Competitive: 7 & 8 years - 8-16 hours per week 

This program prepares the athlete for competition. The demands and requirements for skill development are a little higher and have more intensity. The major focus of the program is preparation for the Provincial level. Gymnasts may enter one Invitational meet, generally towards the end of the season in June, at the discretion of the Women's Head Coach.

Provincial Levels 5-9: 9 & up - 16 hours per week

Athletes will be prepared in all areas of gymnastics with the major goal of achieving a high standard of performance. Commitment is a key ingredient to success. The best possible coaching and equipment is provided to achieve success. This program offers 3 Provincial Qualifiers and Provincial Championships.